Math Olympiad Competition

IKIS (Boys’ Section) has the honor to participate in the Math Olympiad in the American School. Gr. 5 learners have enthusiastically shown their creativity in each part of the competition. They have competed in challenging individual and group competition and collaboration. They have worked amongst their team in a friendly group competition and then together with other schools to foster relations amongst the schools.

   All contestants have been given 50 questions ranging in difficulty to answer within a short time limit. The learners have divided themselves into two teams of 5. One learner from each group has been designated as the “runner” to retrieve 1 question at a time from the scorers’ table. The runner has brought the question to their table, and the entire team has worked on it and decided on an answer. Then, the runner brought the answer to the scorers’ table to be checked. The objectives were to answer as many questions correctly in the given time limit and to test knowledge and problem-solving. Finally, the learners have solved a team challenge which was a physical engineering task. The objective was to promote cross-cultural mathematics in the STEAM field.

   We have achieved the highest rank among the participants in the individual, team, and STEAM competition. Great thanks are awarded to IKIS parents who have supported us by attending the competition. Great thanks are awarded to the Math Department who has exerted great efforts to prepare the learners to the Math Olympiad Competition.

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