The international day in Ibn khaldon school

IKIS (Boys’ Section) had an amazing event. It was the International Day. The event was divided into sections.

Each section has represented a country. During the event, the students have traveled ‘Around the World’, visited four different countries, and learned about the countries and their cultures.
Dressed in the colors of their class country’s flag, their country’s football kit , or traditional dress, Students  have enjoyed the event.  The students found out where in the world the countries visited are on a world map, learnt to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in the country’s language, and listened to its anthem. There was a variety of activities taking place throughout the event including traditional arts and crafts and food tasting. To link it to the World Cup, the students have played a soccer tournament. 
That activity aims to promote the importance of creating a positive environment where students can learn and observe about ethnicity and cultural diversity around the world. 

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